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I believe that Sage had her most memorable summer yet. Both programs seemed to draw remarkably intelligent and nice kids. Sage seems to have been exposed to so many new perspectives and has developed a zest for wanting to make positive change. Suddenly she is seemingly well versed and has reasoned opinions about issues she… Read More

parent in Rumsen, NJ



Sustainable Summer has really changed my outlook on sustainability and the world. I now feel like every individual should “bother” with sustainability because every person does have an impact.┬áSustainable Summer was really incredible and I would recommend it to anyone, no matter their background in sustainability.

student in New York, NY


EcuadorIndiaThe Amazon

I wanted to let you know what a monumental experience Sustainable Summer was for Serena three years ago. I teach school, so I know that formative experiences can become increasingly important as one moves past them and can look back on the whole life trajectory. This year Serena has been applying for college and she… Read More

parent in Kearneysville, WV


Costa RicaDartmouthIndia

Thank you so much for creating and running this amazing program!! I’m so grateful for all that you’ve done to make this organization so awesome!!

student in Boca Raton, FL